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  2. yes i watch often cartoons
  3. SO SICK
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  6. adorable
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  8. bro who gives a fuck
  9. 1776 will commence again
  10. seen this the other day the comments/like:dislike ratio is troll as fuck If u really think that there is still chance to fix Europe from this problem u are in very big mistake. Muslims are doing much more kids than europeans and they will flood natives on our territory. Only chance is doing travel ban like US did and massive ICE strikes on everyone who is not behaving like normal EU guy. Greetings from clean Poland. If u have good studies finished u can live here like a boss.
  11. shut the fuck up and reopen af
  12. my shit smells like a teen spirit, after last night drinking my fart has strange strong smell, its not even good but i still share my moments with you guys because i,m not idiot its because i am open person all rite? yes good
  13. Did watch
  14. ty tommy t
  15. no i don't support muslims
  16. tom is #MoreThanAVirgin
  17. woooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  18. nice bow @Ash is it yours?
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