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  1. Kyle

    Reign of Terror: Behind the Propaganda

    Welcome friends, As many of you have anticipated; these are the leaks from RoT's member forums. Despite the fact that we've had these (and hundreds of other topics) available to us for a while, we have waited for the opportunity to post the "best" of them in a nice and presentable way, at our own pace. RoT's private forums are a murky and dark place, where not a lot have had the displeasure of entering, so opening them up and 'exposing' the innards to everyone was something we always had an interest in doing. Alot of people will be interested in IRL leaks and to laugh at people's huge bowlcuts etc, but this is something we do not condone and will not lower our morals to partaking in, unlike a certain clan. We expect RoT to retaliate with their own 'leaks' of our dead and uninteresting member forums, our dead private irc or perhaps some TS recordings etc (maybe even a mixture of all of the above) - fire away!, we look forward to it.
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  2. Kyle

    Ancient Fury - The End of an Era

    On the 23rd of Febuary 2013 Ancient Fury re-opened with the introduction of Old School Runescape. Right from the off we kept the same ethos we always had, we strove to be the most active and have the best quality which we achieved with many memorable moments, fights and memes coming along the way. Sadly the time has come for our story to end. Not out of necessity, not out of lack of dedication (even when writing this topic we have 71 on Ts) but it is time, it might be hard to explain but the feeling of closing has been in the zeitgeist and us officials have decided its the right time. I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been in AF, whether you were here for 1 month or 10 years. Each and every one of you has made an amazing community and made being in AF so enjoyable. Video of some of our best moments on Oldschool Thank you.
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  3. Kyle

    Clearing Sv - With TS Audio

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  4. Emma

    Delusional Incompetence

    To Damage Inc members reading this, even if you skip the wall of text please read the special segment dedicated towards you at the bottom. I know this is long but trust me, it's worth it. Before we get started I'd just like to say, we will not be leaking any personal or real life information so if you came for that you might as well stop reading here. Generally we don't really care about clan world drama or leaks or anything (We're basically the only people without a clan discussion forum) but we feel the clan world needs to know about DI and our adventures with them. First off a thank you to the fictional but nonetheless important hero that is, Joeylatte. He was a quiet soul who kept himself to himself but tried his little heart out every event for DI. At the moment Violent Resolution have coined the phrase DI = Dumb Idiots, which not quite an oxymoron is nearly at the level of one. I however have come up with a much more accurate one, Delusional Incompetence. DI have managed to convince themselves (both the officials and the leaders) that they are both 1) Important and 2) Actually good. Now, some people might argue Point number One but really outside of CWA they barely make an appearance in the clan world. Point number Two however, is not up for debate. Over my time in the clan scene i have seen some terrible clans in terms of quality (Infliction, Sovereign, 420 Pkers, Corruption Etc) but DI are on another level. In our time in DI i genuinely can not think of a performance in either Wildy, Clan Wars, P2P or F2P from DI that i would have accepted in AF. Every Clan wars event ends in defeat for DI, every F2P Wildy fight ends with DI ending with the least people after being on the back foot the entire time... Don't even get me started on their 'fights' in P2P. There are a variety of factors as to why they are so bad at what is, lets be honest a relatively simple game. First are the callers. Joko189, Lavinge, Silver1 and Danb, out of all the top clans (And even mid sized) this is by far, by far the worst calling line up. Some of them can rarely, very rarely call semi-decent in CWA but that's it. Their main problem isn't even the quality of the calling, it's the enjoyment they bring to Teamspeak. Or really, the lack of enjoyment. Some callers may not be good but they are funny and enjoyable to listen to, DI's callers are a chore to listen to for a 20 minute CWA fight let alone 5 hours in the wilderness. Di's next problem are the members. Don't get me wrong they have some quality members (You know who you are and you can always leave DI and actually win some fights) but by and large most of them are useless. DI on average do something ridiculous like 6 F2P CWA fights a week and 80-90% of their members are still terrible tanks, can't bind correctly, don't switch styles or even in 2K16 just have terrible Runescape Stats. Leaving CWA aside their members really don't care about DI as proven by the 5 hour fight where they dropped over 50 people and ended with less than Fools who are GMT+2, how is that even possible for a very Eastern based clan? You might think the problems above are fine for some people, maybe winning or losing on Runescape isn't everything and maybe DI have a great community. Wrong. Every other clan/team on this game has if not an active teamspeak, atleast some people who talk on teamspeak. Somehow DI have managed to be the exception that proves the rule. Whenever we would look on their teamspeak, no one would be talking. Ever. If DI have say 40 on teamspeak, 37 will be muted. During our time in Di the only time when they had a semi-active Teamspeak community was when they had 20-30 EoS join and use DI's Teamspeak as their own (Who either hated DI and spied for RoT or didn't care about DI and were literally there to cause beef). The only semblance of a community they have is the same 8-10 people who talked on IRC about runecape and runecrafting (As the logs will testify to). Now it's time to talk about their romance with RoT. When our brave soldier first joined DI, DI and Rot weren't on the same pally terms they are now. At the start of our adventure into DI they weren't entirely petrified of accepting fights with us. This however posed a problem, every fight DI would get destroyed by AF and they ran the risk of getting beaten by DF/VR in F2P. Slowly but surely they began to weasel themselves up to RoT until they could be protected. DI would first start to try and fuck us over by arranging fights promising to team to clear and do no such thing when RoT would rush, thinking we wouldn't notice. DI chose protection over actually having clean Runescape fights in fear of losing (Which they should be used to by now). Not only did DI ally with Rot they basically became their informant and their puppy, whenever we would hit DI they would be pming RoT on Swiftirc (Lavinge would be heard constantly telling brian he was busy and to pm him (him being Erik) whenever AF rushed DI in the wilderness. This friendship with RoT even went so far Lavinge would leave DI events to go to RoT's and even changed his Runescape name to Rot lavinge. Just a by the by, RoT do not care about you DI. They will not save you from us and they will inevitably snake you again and it will be hilarious. Message to the remaining DI members: Some of you have been wondering why anyone would leave DI especially for a 'dead' team (You pulled 82 people to your last week prep vs RoT in the P2P full out, we pulled 30 more to ours.). First of all DI is nothing special, you've all been lured into this weird bubble that DI somehow has managed to create and maintain that nothing can be better outside of DI. Have none of you noticed that NO ONE who has left DI for either AF/VR/DF/RoT/BRUT has returned? There must be a reason, in fact there are dozens. If you want to join an active team who actually has a community, wins fights, has good performances and actually has fun Message JoeyLatte, Hawkeyorigin, or Xpoza on SwiftIrc, because you sure won't get any of those things in DI. Well now you've read all of that enjoy 5 months worth of Damage Inc IRC brought to you by Ancient Fury, the killers of Damage Incorporated, keep posted for Teamspeak leaks. If you are searching for clan names use [space]Clan[space]
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  5. Kyle

    RED ALERT! -

    19/02/17|11:27:42 <[email protected]> red alert i think 19/02/17|11:27:46 <[email protected]> b289 spamming 19/02/17|11:27:58 <[email protected]> ye 19/02/17|11:28:27 <[email protected]> about to hit af 19/02/17|11:28:40 <[email protected]> k 19/02/17|11:28:44 <[email protected]> raid is about done 19/02/17|11:28:52 <[email protected]> k 19/02/17|11:28:53 <[email protected]> ye just hold on starting another for like 10 mins
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  6. Jack

    Oww my $10k

    Oww my $10k As many of you have probably heard by now, an FA in RoT ran off with the $10k prize money they won from a controversial DMM tourny. RoT's TS & IRC were total hype with the prospect of their clan winning the money. The last man standing at GDZ.. Jojo, an FA in RoT... The mighty Jojo is now guested on RoT forums after running off with the $10k. I wonder what he's spending the money on right now..
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  7. Xpoza

    Shoenice Supports Ancient Fury

    Xpoza and Shoenice approve this message.
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  8. Lucas

    First Kodai Wand in the game

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  9. Ego

    Ancient Fury: My PoV #2

    This vid includes clips that I did not bother making into full videos. Includes: - Single spells fight vs Sovereign - Clearing Damage Inc - CWA vs Brutality - Destroying Revenant - Fighting RoT Part 1:
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  10. Jasper

    RoT attempt one iteming FT bullerik losing AGS

    Its allright boys i've got another one LMFAO
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  11. Travis

    We did it!

    On sunday my account got false banned for playing on a vpn. After spamming them for 3 days my ban was finally lifted. Thank you to everyone who upvoted/retweeted me and helped me get my account back.
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  12. AndiCandy

    Finally maxed!

    Finally maxed, first one in AF! Thanks for motivation during the grind and thanks for being there! Also post your loot below!
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  13. Xpoza

    One Hundred & Twenty-Three Hours

    Welcome, friends. What I have for you today is a topic with a brief story that will engrave itself into the history books of Runescape; The One Hundred & Twenty-Three Hour fight. On Thursday, December 29th, 2016 at 1:45PM EST | 6:45PM GMT - a quick scrap with Sovereign clan resulted in SV degearing for 1 item and challenging us in GDZ to a 1 item war, which earned themselves a fight they never really wanted. For over 5 days straight (123 hours to be exact), Sovereign collectively teleported to gdz thousands of times along with the aid of RoT, and Frontline to secure a loss in the books as their first event of 2017. After 5 days of large portions of cocaine, weed, hookers, and adderrall; Sovereign decided to cut the party short. They called off returning on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 at 4:19PM EST | 9:19 GMT. After 123 short hours, we were able to secure the win for the 3rd longest fight in Runescape history. - Denominations of how long it lasted 441,262 seconds 7354 minutes 122.6 hours (we rounded up to get 123) Over 5 days 1.40% of a common year (365 days) - Pics/vids etc of SV kids losing +1's and some extras below. SV's Fake Ending: EXTRAS: SV Briefly cleared after 10 hours in. SV's fake ending - note how they're on world 9. Those virgins actually sat there for 123 hours try harding while we were sat back smoking bud and talking on ts ^.^ 123 easy hours #AF
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  14. Ash


    Fucked Screeny up lmfao
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  15. Emma

    Ancient Fury vs Rot+Di+Sv+Ct

    Went out Pking because the wilderness was rather active with loot. For ~ 45 minutes we hunted shit teams like Rol/Infamous/Immortals and many randoms. Aside from a-few Sv 1-itemers none of the alliance appeared until Rot decided it was a good idea to log into us. Hint: It wasn't. Right from the off it was domination, all the spam was AF, all the people dying were Rot. Depite Sv being at Gdz from the start Rot struggled to stay in-game and were suicide barraging in Tank basically from the start. Every time they had more than 10 in-game we'd run out of the clump and barrage them. Eventually the rest of the alliance arrived to aid Rot in their struggles. To make it even harder for Rot we kept moving it West making it longer for them to return. Even fighting 1v4 it was remarkably easy. Even with Rot still not having over 20 in-game at any point during the fight we decided to dip, leaving them with a sense of sadness and outnumbered by their alliance in-game. Was fucking Easy. Pictures: Fight with Rot: Pk Loots: And just for lols, below is the minimap from rot's topic. Was really fun and rather Easy, stay active men. #AF
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  16. Bowlcut

    Zybez Clan Fights & Events. [How relevant is it in 2016?]*review*

    Zybez, a gathering of well made non-proganda topics by people with an iQ higher than 50. Or is it the opposite? Let's find out. Has one killpic of an AF member (me lmfao) in the whole topic. Slaying Ancient Fury? I guess they missplaced some words in that sentence. AC's first "fight" topic in weeks... Can't handle main clans so they stick to bullying 45/70 def pures. Whole topic had barely 5 decent killpics. Alright CT, you "Destroyed" a clan with about 7 active members, and a team with no leadership that returns in 1 item after one death. Deffo worth making a topic. "Alliance taken to the cleaners" Next level wordplay. Since when is Cera VR leader btw? Right. Not like anybody would actually read a topic written by Sir_Severed anyway. LMFAO What are u doin DI?? This picture sums up the whole topic: It looks like you massed up 25+ To kill 1 AF UNSKULLED in black dhide/rune gloves. 10 points to griffendor. AC=Dead. DK=f2p pkers with combat bracelets. TuF=Just reopened, 10 man ML. How did it take you 3 hours to clear that after mass recruiting members from FL??? Can it get any worse than all this? IT CAN Propaganda from the 1st topic to the last. Dead clans/teams trying to stay relevant by posting topics with 0 truth. People who take RS way too serious and keyboard warriors. We all know who the clanworld revolves around, and we all know what happens in a 1v1 innat, they get fookin ruined. #AF on my chest nigga. -Kane322
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  17. Panic Twitch

    My 1st Sleep Over

    Let me tell you about my 1st sleep over. I was 13 and went over to sleep over my boy Joel's house who's mom is bad ass fuck, big booty puerto rican milf. On God I wanted to be his step dad so I can hit that. It would be so live for my nigga Joel to also be my son. When it was about bed time, I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth when I saw some sexy panties hanging on the shower rod. I assumed they belonged to Joel's mom. I'm a weirdo so at this point I began to get turned on. Don't judge, I was young and horny so I decided to sniff them thinking its going to be sexy. I put my nose dead on the kitty part and that's where I fucked up.... That shit smelled like sardines and sins. I took a step back and looked.... niggas mom had a gravy stain looking like a Mario Kart drift mark. My eyes began to tear in agony. Not even satan could manifest such a scent. On God I cried that night. I had to call my mom to pick me up and never did another sleep over again.
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  18. Emma

    RoT fucking SUCK

    > Close > Mass Join Rot > Realize you all hate Rot > Re-open Sv > Go back on Rot's dick > Rot doesn't save you lmfao
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  19. Kyle


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8wkloxjHBw&feature=youtu.be merry christmas fags
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  20. tom

    Monday Merriness

    We heard SV were out pking at around 8:30 with around 30 people so we did a 2 minute mass and headed out with 20 people. Upon entering our wilderness we heard SV were planning on avoiding us while RoT massed so that they could 2v1 us. After hearing this great news we sounded the feasting horn, called it mandatory and quickly gained up to 35 on TS. We got everyone in-game and went and stood at east tree knowing that RoT/SV would eventually rush us. We heard RoT were logging in around gap so we potted up and rushed them, from the get go RoT just seemed to be running around like headless chickens while we were just dropping them all over the map, after a minute of fighting SV rushed in and started piling us and even thought we were outnumbered by almost 30 ingame we still out-performed and made both clans run to the stable with their tail in between their legs. After waiting around for a minute or two to see whether they'd leave greaters we got bored and just decided to rush them and the second we rushed in, RoT members started dropping like flies. After a beating in-side Gdz, half of Rot starting returning in 1-item. After killing the ones in gear first we slowly dragged them west and picked off their 1-itmers one by one. I'm sure quite alot of Rot weren't happy with this as some of them still brought sets (Maybe they were the only ones with sets) and quite obviously a-lot of Rot didn't bother 1-iteming and it became around 10 maximum so we cleared them and took another ending at spiders and logged out. Knowing Rot would try and take a fake ending we ninja'd on another world, waiting for Rot to hurry up gearing in-side Greaters and we then logged back into them and re-commenced the fight. This time within 2 minutes Rot were 1-iteming so we did the same again and dragged them west and even less of them wanted to 1-item this time so we left happy as can be. Pictures: (Mini-map is glitched on several [Also not in order]) Great Job all Af members. ​Thanks for the Christmas Cheer Rot. #AF
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  21. Rushton

    Seniors Vs Old School Fight

    It all started when an Old School member talked a bit of shit in our Whatsapp group which resulted in the senior members flaming back so me and Tefflon decided to set up a battle between the 2 groups Before the fight day was even upon us me and Swelly decided to show Toensi the true meaning of being a Senior Member by giving him his fastest raid time AND his first decent drop (instead of axes) Swelly was admitted to hospital with a 3% chance of survival after carrying Toensi but being a senior member he made it. Fight Day: As we gathered the men and waited for the fight to start the Old School members still carried on the flaming in hopes they would of actually won (lmfao) FYI K98 tanked every round till out Round 1: The old School rejects that were watching from the orb that didn't get picked decided to cheat and poke our members whilst they were tanking (pic to prove below) One of the suspects: @Saloo Round 2: After round 1 we stepped our game up and changed our calling order and styles and brought in the big guns Sampson and Taz The fight started off with them piling me so i froze some of them and laughed at them from behind the orb Action shot of Sampson As the round progressed we one hit their members left and right until no more were left Ending: They claimed we Ddos'd Toensi but video proof shows where he really was Round 3: It all came down to the final round but with everyone pumped we knew it was a win win situation so Ill let the pictures do the talking Taz found it hard to find Saloo due to forgetting he was benched @Saloo @Kane Old School member Blackp0ny getting the Senior treatment (typical wolves Brap Member) Rip @Blakpn0y Ending: Respect to the seniors who fought the battle @Piqalo @Morgan @Abkb @Swelly @Panic Twitch @Revan @K98 @Dave Officials/Legends next?
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  22. Sam_Lmao


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  23. Xpoza

    New Sig

    In honor of our 123 hour victory
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  24. AndiCandy

    One more.. will I make it?

    MERRY XMAS EVERYONE!!! also rep me niggas ---->
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  25. Kyle

    Hitting CT - With Audio

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  26. Bowlcut

    "AF are 1 itemers"

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  27. Lil_B

    AC cleared in 4 hours

    AC tried to 1 item fight us at gdz..bad move on their part anyway. After roughly 4 hours they faked a ending. We quickly cleared them off the map shortly after. AC FAKE ENDING PIC LMFAO..IM 1 STEP SOUTH OF THEM + MANY OTHER WHITE DOTS IN GDZ LMFAO IDIOTS TRY AGAIN: FAT TEAM 6 FOR ZGS THO
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  28. Kyle

    RoT Forums Preview

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  29. Jimmy

    Ancient Fury Break Reign of Terror - The Longest Fight in Runescape History

    After ending their trip on Tuesday () we heard that RoT was out hunting AC at around 4:00 AM GMT and we decided to hit them. We massed 25 people and hit RoT east of greaters, immediately RoT members started running away and were seen returning in one item so we decided to stick around and give them a taste of their own medicine. It wasn't long before they were down to nothing in game and were just essentially returning to die with their 5 people. It was this way up until around the 14 hour mark, when SV made an appearance and with both clans in 1 item we decided it would be a decent opportunity to and see if they would actually gear up as well (which they obviously didn't.) Once we were in gear it became rather to kill 1 itemers and after a while SV had fucked off so we returned to what we were doing before. The fight proceeded to be as before with us killing RoT members teleing up on sight. Until around the 18 hour mark, at which point RoT started to tele up to GDZ with retribution + auto retaliate and go AFK. At this point we knew it was pretty much over, with there being times there would be no RoT in game. Even with the many times we could've taken a cleared picture and left, we stayed to continue to beat them down. For around hours 22-30 it was essentially the same shit over and over. They would sit in GDZ 100% of them being afk, while about 50% of us were doing the same, and the other 50% killing RoT members. It went on like this until about 10:30 am GMT, when it seemed RoT had started to actually come back to life and attack people in game instead of standing there AFK. With the numbers we had at the time we kept it going, and around 5 minutes later, RoT were seen taking a 30 opt fall in inside the 8-9 AF members spamming Gf AF, and then had proceeded to run west and log out, giving us the victory after 30.5 hours of battling. After they ran west and logged out, we waited 15 minutes for them to return to the battlefield, even grabbing gear before we had taken our final ending to try and lure them back up, but all that was seen in those 15 minutes was a dumb noodle on his spare spamming l0l, and a RoT member who had logged in only to die us claiming they won. Shame you had to dip knowing GMT hours were coming, was expecting this to go on for days. You shitheads disappoint me. (Pics of the end) - Darkinite RoT member trying to claim they'd "won" when we were still clearly at GDZ in force. Final Ending after waiting for RoT to return for ~15 minutes - 15 strong warriors ingame. Pictures of just about everything else notable that happened in the fight (in no particular order)
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  30. Emma

    Clan Cup - Week Four Round Up

    Full Out: Biggest fight of the clan cup was always going to be the P2P Full out, in the build up to the fight it was given extra edge with the fights (Or lack of them some days) we've had with Rot in the wildy recently. Getting legends such as Steven and Ant on for the fight, we were pumped. Ant of course gave a speech, it might of had about 500 in-side jokes that only 12 of us got but it got us all in the mood. Ancient Fury Starting: 93 Reign of Terror Starting: 94 At the start of the fight Kyle was Ddosed and a random Rot member (Who later turned out to be JaJa) ran at us so we killed him and started heading towards Rot. (During the walk in Tom Dc'd). Without Kyle and Tom the start was poor and we soon slipped into a 7/8 man deficit but a combination of Jake/Patrick/Laurens/Ovenchicken calling locations we forced Rot into the south east corner and took over the fight. At one point it was 63 - 62 in our favour, it ended 59-0 (Someone managed to die to 12) 30v30 P2P: After the Full out Victory vs Rot we were pumped for the next fight which was the 30v30 P2P, a few of our pre-picked 30 people didn't fight because of dc'ing in the full out but we still had a very good team out there. Ancient Fury Starting: 30 Reign of Terror Starting: 29 (The same Jaja member managed to get in again some how) Ancient Fury Ending: 27 Rot will say (And already have) that the extra person made all the difference but it really didn't. It was still 30-22 (Ish) until Toensi1 dc'd, our mass freezers were amazing, Rot could barely get any piles going and if they did we were just able to run away and we cruised to an easy win. 20v20 P2P: After our previous Two fights we were confident going into this one and did pretty good again. Not gonna lie i can't remember what happened but i didn't die so ye i was why we won. F2P: After this we had the Two F2P fights vs Rot. In the 30v30 F2P we did poorly and lost 24-0 (Left at 19-24). We did better in the 20v20 but lost 9-0, (After spending like 10 minutes trying to kill a 125 with 7 people who some how didn't manage to fucking die). Disappointing but we didn't expect to get to the final in any F2P category so we're pleased with how we did. [22:24:31] <%bEANIE> THE ONLY FITE IM IN [22:24:32] <%bEANIE> WE LOSE Shout outs: Everyone who turned up Everyone who slaved for gear People who called in Full out once Kyle and Tom dc'd Rdk + Df + Vr + Brut + Wg + IF + Ko + Tbe + Tbc + Sv + Hf + Foe + Jaja + Fi + Mm for merging with us for this amazing event Kyle for making us do Mk-Paul like spams after we won Me for being pm'd by a Jagex Mod (omfg) Dandamanyoyo aka Best Tank in AF getting 1 hit in F2P #AF - Champions
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  31. Kyle

    SV Teamspeak Ft. Raxor & Rams

    CT ts coming soon
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  32. Jack

    Friday: Destroying RoT

    Heard CT were walking about the wildy in a fall in so we teled up to go hit them. We logged in at east tree and ran south to go find them however we found RoT in a fall in which we gwassed out on the rocks. We chased the remaining people north of members gate where the fight started. RoT had more then us at the start however we held our ground and fought them 1v1 north of members gate. As we continued to gain we continued to put the pressure on RoT whos members were being destroyed by our godswords all around the map. For the best part of 2 hours we had a clean fight which we performed well in throughout. Our barrage piles caused mass damage which at 1 stage killed enough people to put RoT in single south of the resource area. After 2 hours of fighting, RoT's alliance finally turned up to help them out before they tapped so we peaced out Thanks for the action, same time tomorrow? Pictures: AF Wins Again
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  33. Emma

    Sunday Ft. Brut and Rot

    Set up a fight with Brutality and decided to fight near Rune Rocks with no rules but single spellerinos. Ancient Fury Starting: ~26 Brutality Starting: ~26 Fight went back and forth but i felt we performed abit better but i'm sure Brut felt that from their point of view too. After ~20 minutes some crashers/randoms finally appeared in the form of 15 Rot rushing from the East so we spread out and killed a-few of them before the rest of Rot rushed in to try and barrage a fight that was already spread. Sadly for Rot they couldn't clear the people fighting because out of no where, we um... sort of logged in with another 50 people. Once we logged in West of Rot it was easy pickings as half their clan was basically in a Dd and cleared nearly all of them. They tried to fight back but after 10 seconds decided it was a bad idea and ran to Single. We followed and bullied them in single for a-bit until they couldn't take it any more and told us to go on the portal. Sadly the portal they decided was 13's and they telied out so we went to go take ending in multi, ez pz. Videos: Pictures: Thanks for the fight Brut, Thanks for trying Rot. #AF
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  34. Xpoza

    Saturday: Rot+Friends Rolled up and smoked

    Began our Saturday casually pking and bullying around shit clans like SV (reducing them to 1 item). Shortly after reducing SV to 1 item, we moved towards NG and 50's only to find our old pal Rot hanging around looking for an ass whooping. After moving everyone to 50's and baiting them into our world, the fight kicked off just north of 50's. Within 45 seconds, the first alliance member (SV), had arrived in rag gear to aid Rot. Despite being outnumbered, our spam and ko power was something Rot just couldn't compete with and pretty much got themselves cleared in the first 10-15 mins of the fight. Rot attempted to compensate for their lackluster performance by spamming awkward shit (with only 5-6 people spamming every time). After about an hour of carnage, DI decided to show up to aid Rot and SV, so we called it a day and left before Rot could get any momentum with all of their shitiot alliance friends. #AF
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  35. K_G


    Striked for disrespecting Yung Dori. Disappointed, did not expect this from you. Step your game up
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  36. Beanie

    [Leak] DI's new "recruitment" method

    Was browsing DI's priv forums as I normally do and one particular post caught my eye that was too hilarious not to leak. Here we have one of their members enquiring why there were random people on their TS because they were feeling out of the loop My assumption when I clicked it was that it would just be their alliance helping them out of their slump: Even on IRC their members were confused because of the weird as fuck names: (01:52:31pm) (+P1nk_soulja) who is JaYeSH_LAkshIt on TS (01:52:46pm) (+Derfnop) lmfao what a name (01:52:52pm) (+Derfnop) ask big b idk either (01:52:59pm) (+P1nk_soulja) Brian`` ^ (01:53:31pm) (@Brian``) dont worry about it This got me curious, what could DI's new recruitment method be? Then I saw another post showing how many numbers they'd gained on TS as a result of this method: For those who don't know, 50 is A LOT of actives for DI so I went on their TS and started hanging around for a bit, I had no idea either so I PMed one of them: I looked into www.timesvr.com and found out DI's new "recruitment method" involves paying people online to make their clan appear active LMFAO: I was wondering for a while about how DI could be more retarded than they already are and, once again, they never fail to amaze me. I don't know how you think this will even help you in fights considering they'll need accounts but it'll be fucking hilarious watching you guys trying to fight us back without your allies just because you're paying foreigners to fight for you now. I hope I have answered your questions DI members. You know who to PM if you want a way out of that shithole.
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  37. Kyle

    Cya Retards

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  38. Adrian

    AF Staff Incorporated Official Clan World Statistical Analysis: Reign of Terror

    AF Staff Incorporated Clan World Statistical Analysis Sample 1: Reign of Terror Welcome to the Clan World Statistical Analysis Series, beginning with a statistical analysis & breakdown of Reign of Terror Clan. This is series of unbiased statistical accounts on the progress and results of each of the major clans in the clan world. Data has been gathered for the months of April & May recording Sunday Pulls along with member list size and/or loss in members for all major clans in OSRS. A thorough data gathering and analysis has been completed for Reign Of Terror. Part 1: Data Display The following table displays the data gathered by our analysts for ROT’s Sunday Prep Pulls for the months of April & May. Rot's peak pull, to which all other pulls are compared to, was 90 people occurring on April 7th. All data numbers are completely accurate and can be proven with evidence. The following graph illustrates ROT’s memberlist shrinkage in the months of April & May. As noticed, ROT suffered the largest member loss on the week leading to April 19th. Furthermore, the following graph displays the decrease in ROT’s pulls over the past two months. As seen with the negative trend line (y=-10.321x +112+82), there is a significant correlation between % of pull as compared to peak pull and increase in time. This verifies the hypothesis that ROT’s pulls have significantly decreased in the past two months. Finally, data has been analyzed to determine the inactivity increase of Reign of Terror Clan. The following graph displays the percentage of ROT members attending their Sunday events for the months of April & May 2015. With the significant negative trend line, there is a clear correlation between ROT members inactivity increasing in the past two months. Furthermore, it is also related to the huge quantity of ROT who have left/been kicked in the past two months. Part 2: Data Validity Gathered Data was analyzed to prove validity of the work done by #AF-Staff Incorporated. Data of Pulls in April & May broken down Data analysis proof:: Hypothesis Testing: Alternative Hypothesis: Reign of Terror’s pulls have significantly decreased over the course of the past two months. (p < 0.05) Null hypothesis: Reign of Terror’s pulls have not been significantly affected over the past two months. (p > 0.05) That is, if our p value is less than 0.05, we reject our null hypothesis and accept the alternative hypothesis that ROT is slumping. If ROT’s pulls did not decrease by chance, then there must have been an external factor influencing their pulls resulting in the slump. However, if ROT’s pulls DID decrease by chance, then we accept our null hypothesis that they are not slumping. Using the data AF-Staff has collected, we have attained a p-value of 0.016 As 0.016 < 0.05, we reject our null hypothesis and accept the fact that ROT is slumping to the 5% significance level. The next report, featuring a clan soon to be revealed, will be posted next week. Disclaimer: This data has been gathered through Statistical and Analytical analysis by AF-Staff Incorporated. If you believe any of this data is incorrect or fictional, please contact AF-Staff for revisions in the analysis. © 2015 #AF-Staff Incorporated. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission, contact #AF-Staff.
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  39. P E A C E

    War vs Flag Warriors

    Not sure where to post this thread but I'm P E A C E from the CWC (Flag Warriors). Was a good fight at clan wars and I wanted to first of all thank you guys for playing Castle Wars with us. I also wish to formally apologize for the actions of "CWC Sup3r." He crashed the castle wars game we played with you guys and make it so you guys couldn't place many barricades. I assure you that the CWC does not condone this sort of behavior and CWC Sup3r has been banned from our community since early March. He is NOT a part of the CWC and we did NOT send him to sabotage you guys. He frequently sabotages our events as well and we have been trying to push for Jmod action to be taken to ensure that crashing no longer happens. Tl;dr - Thanks for the war and I am sorry you guys got sabotaged at Castle Wars. CWC Sup3r is not a part of the CWC and we do not condone his actions.
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  40. Ollie

    Ancient Fury Compilation - Movie

    Hey all, I've recently Got my Software back an chose to make an Ancient Fury Colab Movie. If your clip is featured in this - it's because it fit best an was a highlight. Obviously it's impossible to show everything but I found some of what i thought were the best clips, Put them together Thank You to everyone, especially @Blakpn0y @Bosha @Ego if i've missed you out, I'm sorry but I'll edit this topic when made aware! Part 1 ( 0:00 - 4:20 ) Lures / Baits / Fights Part 2 ( 4:20 - 6:50 ) General AF / Fights / Maces Part 3 (6:50 - 9:55 ) TS Leaks / Log In Hits / AF2SPY Enjoy Can be viewed in 720p This is from over the last 12 months or so. SV Hits WG Hits Immortals Hits CT Hits RoT Fights TS Leaks - SV / CT Maces Lures. Frontline Lured The amount of hits on CT - They'll never fully recover.
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  41. Locodoko

    Runescape Gains Gallery

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  42. Jack

    Who is the best maxed player

    Can I get a none option please +1 rep for None
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  43. Kyle

    DI's "community"

    Just some Teamspeak pictures to show Di's teamspeak is compared to ours. I'd normally write a long topic but i think i'll let the pictures speak for themselves because well, they're really fucking funny. This is dedicated to Sirsevered (who's been on AF teamspeak alot by the way Di members) [00:38:06] * SirSevered ([email protected]) has joined #af-pk [00:38:06] * Captain_Falcon sets mode: +v SirSevered [00:38:08] <@Hawkeyorigin> YO [00:38:13] <@Hawkeyorigin> welcome SirSevered [00:38:14] <@giggle> sup SirSevered [00:38:17] <@zulu> waddup SirSevered lol We'd have teamspeak leaks but (no troll) we actually have too much to go through all of it but if you're nice Xpoza and Tom might release some. An example of our TS... Pictures: If any of you wanna acctually go on an active Teamspeak Query Hawkeyorigin or Thomas on Swiftirc.
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  44. Buff

    AF Aussie Unit Sweep Up SV

    After finding a local streamer having a bit of fun with SV in max at graves the Aussie Unit in Ancient Fury decided to go and sweep up some free loot from these shit cunts. Shrew Duck for max tb gear: Yoyo for ballista: Ty for the free loot SV and keep single pking, its definitely a solid money making method for us. LOL
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  45. Kyle

    Hitting SV - With Audio (Again)

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  46. tom

    Return Of The King

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  47. Ron

    Good job sunday

    So far 3 vids have been uploaded of Sunday's fight. Bosha's vid you can view here on the forums. He had a total of 5 deaths during the fight. John's vid you can also see here on the forums. His death total was 2. Now let's consider rot's point of view: vid available on their zyb topic The vidder starts off like a usual mage: mystic gear and 120 casts. However after 6 returns he's now ran out of mystic and has to degear to: He continues to die repeatedly and his runes are running out fast so he's returning in 50 casts at this point, after 7 more deaths this will be down to 35 casts. and 3 deaths later he's returning in 25 casts. His grand total of deaths? 22. Rot realized they weren't having any ingame spam so they forced everyone to use a runescape auto typer in the hopes of boosting their morale to show they had 5+ ingame at a time.
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  48. Emma

    Ancient Fury vs RoT+IF+SV+VH+JaJa

    Went out to hunt IF after their Cwa fight with Vh and did a 2-minute mass (Starting). We logged into them, cleared them and waited for them to re-mass. This time in Addy with Rot 1-itemers on their way. Being used to being 1-itemed we ignored the Rot and just kept clearing the Infliction in gear untill they succumbed and joined Rot 1-iteming. By now various Sv/Vh/Jaja had also appeared to 1-item us. For the next ~2 hours 5 clans 1-itemed us with barely any AF dying due to our masterplan of healing the people being speared, which was very funny to say the least. After trying to wear us down by 1-iteming, Rot eventually grew some balls and brought gear once it went past 1:00 Am Gmt. Once people had returned in proper fighting gear things started to get interesting. With multiple clans still 1-iteming us the fight was pretty even but suddenly the tables turned when half of the 1-itemers started getting bored having seemingly realized it didn't affect us. This left us with Rot in a 1v1 (Some 1-itemers still there but not enough) for the first time tonight. With Kyle hyping us up we started destroying Rot, pushing them closer and closer to Gdz till they eventually gave in and full on sprinted for gdz. From now on it was slaughter. Rot basically gave up trying to have piles and spam (Apart from their trusty auto-typers). 1 by 1 more Rot started to leave the fight and slowly but surely they stopped bringing gear and started 1-iteming. After that it was all too easy, Rot would do a mass tele and get frozen on the telespot and end up killing themselves while we mopped up the rest, sticking the knife in with some rage inducing spam. Having basically cleared them multiple times and them showing no signs of returning in gear we head East to New-Gate to see if they'd follow and rather predictably they didn't. After getting an ending we ran West again to make the Rot who logged out be forced to log back in, fucked with them a little until they logged out and we took ending at around 3:00 AM GMT. tl;dr Rot and the Alliance 1-Item Rot wait till past 1:00 Am GMT to get in gear Rot are forced to de-gear to 1-item after trying to 1v1 us. Pictures: (Mainly in order) It must be incredibly awkward to 1-item for 2 hours, wait till 1:00 Am GMT, then try and fight and get forced to return to 1-iteming. Good job all AF who stayed especially the GMT Try harder Alliance, you need to. #AF
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  49. Emma

    Saturday: Destroying Rot

    At around 12:30 Am Gmt Rot appeared and we did a 5 minute mass and went to battle on whatever world we ended up fighting on. Ancient Fury Starting: ~47 on Ts (Peaked at ~58) Rot Starting: More than 12, less than 167 Fight started off in-side Gdz which was rather boring so after 2 minutes we went outside to clear Sv and to see if Rot would (Or could) follow, which they couldn't. After walking around gdz for 10 minutes waiting for Rot, while they either piled 1-itemers or themselves we decided to do what we've done in the past and mass barrage/chin Rot in-side gdz. As usual this was rather good fun for us and not so fun for Rot (imagine being in a barrage pile for 4 hours straight). Like other times we've done this, Rot had failed to clock we were outside Gdz and kept coming up with some really awkward spams. After a-few hours of this Rot had so few in-game it wasn't worth chinning so we set up units at every entrance of Gdz with Zgs's and everytime a Rot member left Gdz they were piled. The next 2 hours were pretty much a slaughter despite Rot constantly ddosing af members. As usual several of the poorer Rot members started 1-iteming/Moonclan barraging after being cleaned. At 4:30 Am Gmt we decided to end because we'd had our fun and we saw no point pointlessly dragging it out. Ended with 46 on Ts with some people being ddosed. Pictures: (Not in order) Was a really fun fight, easily one of the funnest in months. Only bad part was ebola poison, fuck thats annoying. Shout out to everyone who backup called when Tom was eating and the Gmt/Gmt+1's who stayed up late, and to everyone who maged. Thank you to: Corruption, Brutality, Frozen Fury, Damage Inc, Divine Forces, Violent Resolution, Red Dragon Knights, Solar Angels, Dark Slayers, The Titans, Annonymous Community, Mayhem, Higher Force, Genocide, Kill Orgy, Vitality, Red Devil Clan, Infliction, Havoc, Oblivion, New Bloods and finally Wilderness Guardians for allying with us in our battle against Rot. I hope you come up with some really good fake Cc pictures using our name change Rot, i look forward to them. Stay active pals! #AF
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  50. Ferret

    Announcement of Baby Ferret

    Hey people, Id like to announce the birth of Alfie William on the 2nd of May 2014 at 7:42pm weighing 8 pounds 3! Due to obvious reasons I probably won't be on runescape much over the next few weeks but I'm sure I'll pop on irc or something:) Was a long 5 days in hospital with many complications and ended up being forced / pulled out so he's abit bruised but both are perfectly fine now! Hopefully they get to come home tomorrow! Thanks Ferret
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