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Found 1 result

  1. #AF The Green Dream Lads... On this wonderful Friday I had an exam and easily smashed that out and quickly hurried back to my refridgerator to consume my fat kid urges. I come down on the laptop and see that we are going corping at 8pm GMT which was 2pm my time. Excited like a lil school girl who got laid after prom I came and we feast for about an hour getting shit splits thanks to Thomas's disabilities. Afterwards with the sudden urge to bring out the ZGS of Doom Thomas massed up the warriors to go feast on some loots at revs. With the German (Wim), Disabled Wheelchair (Thomas), Big Baps (Emma), and Fat Kid (Me) all hungry for loot there was no stopping us. With wim's ruthless racism paired with thomas' mental handicap all piles were dropped instantly. Me being the fat kid that I am decided to loot on sight and made a hefty amout of geepees. Emma's big baps was a great distraction and allowed us to get the kills we got. Shout outs: Thomas - For being adorably retarded Kane - Finally gave up KFC to be on a diet Wim - Got his new puppy today Chipotle - Feeding my hunger, one burrito at a time . . . . Oh and Paga you're still shit at LoL <3