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Found 2 results

  1. part 1 -> Ancient Fury - A History (Part 2) if you think anything needs changing/adding leave a comment or pm ``alex`` on irc :fakitye: With 2010 drawing to an end, we re-shuffled the staff, with Razor jimbob disappearing, Chall stepped into the position of Leader, followed by the introduction of Andy to the staff and Ant moved up the ranks. The Return of the Wilderness On the first of Febuary all was set to change as the Wilderness and Free trade were gave back after 3 years of pain... We went back into the wilderness as strong as ever, with a strong core of members and the same passion and beliefs that had been our strengths in the past. Throughout 2011 we went about our business, giving our all in every fight we went into, no matter the opponent or situation we would always go into a fight with the ambition to do our best, and the results and performances reflected this mentality throughout. Over time the rivalry with Brutality fizzled away... and Infliction took their place. In the coming months we battled with the likes of Frozen Fury, Brutality, Rot, Cheer up, Kill Orgy, RSD and Infliction (and other remake alias' such as bane etc). Along with these we also re-shuffled the ranks in April 2011, to the following. Over the coming months we would see the good, the bad and the ugly, even trying out hand at F2P fights along the way (we weren't that bad at it tbh). But overall it was a year of lolz, emphasized in the following vid: Gong into 2012 and the clan world's downturn.. Early in 2012, the ranks once again changed to reflect who was still active enough to help out in AF With the clan world clearly in decline we battled on through the tough times, spurred on by our main rivals at the time, Infliction. The rivalry (some people would call it a slaughter) wasn't pretty, but every time Ancient Fury faced up to them we gave it everything and the vast majority of the time we would come out with the last laugh. Also there is one thing we learned from Infliction; no matter how stupid you thought they were, they would always find a way of surpassing your expectation, whether it be 1 iteming or right the way to having a fake IRC bot in their staff channel for months on end. But the game had changed, it wasn't the same game as we had grew to love.... the clan world continued to decline in both quantity and quality, and everyone gradually lost the passion and intrest for the game... The introduction of EOC.... and a change of direction This provided the hardest point in our history, with runescape running dry on fights and activity and large suaves of members and staff retiring due to jobs and university etc. Also with EOC on the horizon the team faced a struggle like we hadn't faced before. Our game had been taken away from us, yet the group of people we still had grew closer together. We always said to ourselves that the community was bigger than the game, and this period emphasised that and galvanised the community, with the help of myself (alex) and Freds leading the push to keep things the forums etc ticking over whilst our teamspeak unit kept strong. We tried a variety of games, ranging from star wars, to league of legends, to other games such as planetside. All of which were enjoyable, but there was a hole in the community where Runescape had once been.... Return to Runescape With Jagex releasing '07 servers', this instantly sparked interest within the community for a runescape team to be revived and here we are today.....
  2. Ancient Fury History

    Any points you feel are innacurate/missing feel free to PM Ant-. The Beginning Ancient Fury first opened its doors on the 23/3/06 lead by Warriors0pk1 & 12rio with a 70+ cmb requirement, beginning recruitment on the RuneScape boards. A few months after opening Ancient Fury merged with Burning Crusade, 12rio left the clan after a few disagreements with other leadership and Mk-Paul became the joint leader with Warriors0pk1. They took the clan into the RSB warring ranks and became one of the best pking clans around our level range at that current time with many epic battles occuring around hills and such. A 70+ mains clan we Pked using no IRC or Teamspeak at the time, basically everything became spamming in game. After a while we felt some of the members potential was being wasted as we wernt solely based around PKing at that moment in time, therefore we decided to split the clan into 2 sections; Ancient Fury & Ancient Fury Elites. Ancient Fury Elites The aim was to have the more natural pkers in the elite side of the clan and have the rest in AF training to be apart of AFE, sort of like a junior clan. This worked very well at the time as it increased our reputation as a clan and overall made us a force to be reckoned with when we would take on the big names at the time around our level range. Over this period the clan became stronger and experimented with Luring, warring and single PKing. This period also produced some of the current AF members to date such as Mk-Paul, Bilbo1314, Mattmatt483, Razor Jimbob, Freds, Mad Papper and so on. Bounty Hunter era On the 10th of December 2007 JaGex removed the Wilderness as we knew it and replaced it with a new PvP experience named Bounty Hunter. Although multi Bounty Hunter was only a shadow of the previous PvP we had come to know, it was satisfying enough to keep the majoirty of AF interested in the game and have a few fights with other small clans around at the time. However on the 19th of February 2008 JaGex removed the Multi aspect from Bounty Hunter, leaving no option left for AF to fight together as a Team, causing the inevitable to happen, AF closed. CWA & GWD era Even though AF closed after the Wilderness was removed many of the members stuck together and bonded on IRC. Eventually we began to try out the CWA arena as a team without ever officially opening and got a decent amount of fun out of it while never getting too serious. A few crap updates came along yet there was still no real competative area in the game to satisfy ex-AF members compared to the old wilderness. However, rumours began to circulate of a new PvP update on the horizon, similiar to that of the old Wilderness in some respects. It was still months away but anticpation was on a high and people began to get excited at the possiblity that AF would once again be able to PK as a team. With the new update seeming promising AF re-opened as a GWD Team in order to stock up on sets for the coming update. We managed to locate a few of the core ex-AF and had a few months of fun at GWD before once again settling down and waiting for the seemingly longest promised update of all time. New PvP era In October 2008 JaGex released the highly anticipated PvP worlds, it wasn't perfect, but it was a start. At the time the majority of ex-AF who were still active were members of The British Crusaders, most of us were relucatant to leave TBC as we were settled in RS and enjoying ourselves. However as the year went on and TBC became more active in the PvP side of the game this brought back memories for the ex-AF who saw an opportunity to make an impact on the P2P PvP scene. A new Birth Mk Paul and Bilbo1314 decided to re-open Ancient Fury as a P2P multi PvP team, with the return of ex-AF members such as Mattmatt483, Freds, Pether, Razor Jimbob and Clover Matt taking up staff rolls in hopes of kick starting AF's rise. Due to AF's involvement with TBC, rivalries began to surface with clans such as New Bloods and FoF on the PvP scene. At the time we still had a relatively small memberlist so attempted to stay away from the rivalries, however a few weeks after our opening AF and RDK inevitably ran in to each other Pking. This began to cause tension due to the fact TBC and RDK were allied at the time, leading to a rivalry that would consume AF for the coming months, ultimately leading to RDK leaving 'The Alliance'. We grew and grew, starting from 20 man trips around Hills, progressing to fight clans such as NB, FoF, Brutality, Distortion, HF and possibly our biggest fight in AF history, Reign of Terror. This was this biggest pull ever produced by AF, peaking at 82 people in game and fighting the current #1 P2P clan we were pumped and ready for battle. Mk Paul and Mattbrazil_2 agreed a 2 hour single spells capped fight, producing great performances from both AF and RoT with both creating spams off screen constantly. AF ended with a solid 82 in game and Reign of Terror 76. However with exams coming up, other real life strains taking their toll and an sense of inability to satisfy AF members, Paul and Billy decided they wanted to take more backseat rolls in a clan for the time being, therefore on the 24th September 2009 Ancient Fury closed. Return of the Bonk Most of the AF leadership, plus a few members joined the clan we believed most suited us at the time and we had a decent relationship with, Reign of Terror. With other ex-AF members joining their respective clans such as FoF or going inactive. After a few months, Billy got together a few ex-members and discussed the possibility of re-opening AF, with ex-staff returning, plus the addition of Chall/Olorin taking up staff roles. It wasnt that we wern't happy in our current clans, it was the fact we honestly felt we could achieve much more than we did previously if we put our minds to it. The only difficult part was convincing Mk Paul to give it one last shot, after lengthy bitching, grovelling and begging. Mk Paul and Bilbo agreed to open Ancient Fury on the 29th November 2009 for one last shot and here we are today. #1 GMT Shortly after re-opening, Flames of Fury closed bringing a large influx of members into Ancient Fury, some of whom would go onto become officials within AF. The members of old AF and New AF quickly gelled together to become a community with a friendly atmosphere and immense PKing skill. Quickly Establishing ourselves within P2P, fighting 2 gruelling 7 hour Run-Ins with Red Dragon Knights and Brutality in the first month of opening, in which we came out victorious, our rivalry with both clans reached extreme points in the early parts of 2010, consistently hunting them both. We started to get in to a healthy rivalry with Brutality and also fought RSD for the first time, in which we pulled our highest ever amount to a prepped PK trip, 97.We were having exciting and competitive fights regularly, when RDK began to snipe us. Small man at first and then full on crash us. This ultimately caused their downfall. Bilbo was not best pleased. His hand was forced. After several repeated warnings they refused. They became our obsession, we retaliated in full force. Obtaining several spies, member and official we reduced them into 12 man pulls and eventually in May 2010, after the final leak of the RDK admin forums, they closed. After we closed RDK, several members (the ones who chose not spy) eventually joined us, at this point we were pulling 70-80 regularly as were Brutality. We fought on an almost weekly basis until when Frozen Fury closed, they merged as their pulls sky rocketed to 100+ for several weeks, seriously challenging Reign of Terror for their #1 P2P position. Needless to say, as with all merges, Brutality crashed and burned and went into hiding, struggling to pull over 30 people to preps. By this point, it was prime summer, Ancient Fury was competing in capped fights with RoT on an almost nightly basis. We could never fight later than 12PM GMT, as we are a predominately GMT team but before the majority of RoT's EST/PST unit would get on, we would dominate, any time before 9pm, was our time. This lead to us being proclaimed #1 GMT. As summer came to a close, as with every summer in the clan world, many members retire, leave and some just disappear with the start of school, college, university and for some work. At this point we had 3 Leaders, Mk Paul, Bilbo, Razor Jimbob. Olorin and Chall as council. Danzilla (Opts),Thomas4516 and Hawkeyorigin as our PK leaders. Pether, Freds and Greg as Admins, Plompy and Alex our FA managers and Ant- and Drinkebroer5 as forum mods. Altogether they formed a strong leadership team, which would get the team through some tough points in the future.