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Found 1 result

  1. I pmed Kill Orgy for a matched last night for tonight, 10 GMT start with the rules below. It being our first matched in a while we weren't sure how we would perform but we did decent so good job those who showed. Round 1 Ancient Fury Starting - 16 (Dropped from 28) Kill Orgy Starting - 16 We rushed KO at their portal and managed to one hit the first two piles. We made the mistake of piling Sanyboy who tanked us pretty beast. Kill Orgy left the CC at 13 - 11 handing us the win. Ancient Fury Ending - 13 Kill Orgy Ending - 0 (Left CC) Round 2 Ancient Fury Starting - 17 Kill Orgy Starting - 17 We did the exact same as last round, piles were decent, styles also and Kill Orgy left the CC at 12 - 8. Ancient Fury Ending - 12 (NEED PICCCCCCCCC) Kill Orgy Ending - 0 (Left CC) Shoutouts Kill Orgy for the fight, was fun To the members who showed, decent job