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Found 1 result

  1. | #AF | Most Active 2012 On this glorious day at 8.30 Pm GMT timezone, I get home from work and notice the feasting horn has been sounded by no one more than my minion Thomas. With this very rare occasion of a P2P fight, we took a stroll up to a less than attractive battlefield with lag, looters and the pesky one item pricks; But don't be fooled, as always we walk away with inventory after inventory of lootations. With another successful night out, and loot gained, there`s only one thing to say, I-N-F-L-I-C-T-I-O-N-Y-OU-S-U-C-K. Good job boys and girl, I know logging in to Runescape is very depressing these days, but for the people who showed up well done and I`m sure you feasted. Shouts: * For Frozen Fury destroying Infliction & killing me for my 10m I forgot I had in my inventory -__- * The guys who give me pictures, Peaches aka Karli, Steven and Big Rob. * Rumble for giving me one idea "Rainbow". P.S. To Umb From Ancient Fury