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Found 1 result

  1. #AF on @SwiftIRC | At around 9:30 GMT we heard Infliction we're out babysitting, we massed up ~20 people in mage and went out to him them. We waited a couple of minutes before rushing them due to them hugging the fight (didn't wanna disturb it) and it payed off, we caught them in a fall in west of gdz and cleared them instantly. We ran towards gap and Infliction followed, we cleared them after 10 minutes of fighting. After being cleared they mass teled to gdz and we clashed east of gdz. They had us on the back foot for a short while until we got more people ingame and then we began dominating them, they rushed to gdz after 20 minutes of fighting and was told to return in pure tank. We continued to hammer them for a short while until Infliction started doing laps around gdz, we managed to clear them and take ending before Rendual told them to return in 1 item. We stayed for a short while longer for lol's until we got bored and decided to leave. Pictures of Infliction one iteming.