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Found 12 results

  1. Anyone else plays this god tier game? If yes, what platform you are using? (Couldn't make the insert image thing work) Edit: messing around the link lol
  2. Ok so this year I have decided on behalf of Alex that I'm taking over the creation of our leagues as some changes were definitely needed: We will have a slightly revised structure this year as last year (particularly in the H2H) some faggots joined on multiple accounts & there was also a large number of people using random names on their accounts so nobody knew who they were up against. Sign up here if you don't have an account from last season: THE OFFICIAL ANCIENT FURY.COM PUBLIC LEAGUE CODES ARE AS FOLLOWS: Classic: 184332-57955 H2H: 136910-39832 PLEASE USE A NAME THAT IS RELEVANT TO YOUR ANCIENT FURY SITE NAME OR IRC NICKNAME There are also 2 invite only private leagues that will be restricted to known members/ex-members/legends/guests/people known to the community. PM Chall on the site or drop a message at the side of the site and I will send you the codes so you can join the exclusive private leagues, you MUST have a recognisable name to be in these leagues IE your irc name or forum name. You can change these under the account details menu.
  3. As 2013/2014 fades, its time to bring in the new forum beanie, ash and chall will be moderators to help keep things tidy and ensure post relevant etc (e.g. no 'rofl' soccer sux' posts), more mods may be added in future.
  4. Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid Real Madrid vs Dortmund PSG vs Chelsea Man United vs Bayern Munich Sweet games, can't wait. Discuss!
  5. Big Carles Puyol has decided to leave FCBarcelona and probably retire from football. A pretty sad announcement in my opinion even when he hasn't played a lot in recent years. At first glance you would think he wouldn't fit in the Barca squad since he's a very different player from the rest of the squad. But his mentality, power and leadership make up for a lot of his shortcomings. He was a big part of the Barcelona success the last couple of years and their defensive problems became more and more obvious when he got injured more and disappeared out of the team. I don't think he'll show up in many 'top defenders of all time' lists, but he is a great person & player. He was someone who I looked up to while playing football and he's without a doubt my favourite defender. Oh and besides all that his hair is legendary... Some highlightes Compilation against Real Madrid Fair Play and Big Heart Goal vs Germany Will be missed
  7. Cringed so hard at 0:09
  8. football

    Pretty ownage lol
  9. Dat Kazakhstan League........
  10. Pretty ridiculous, thinking this will have a very big negative effect on soton's survival hopes. If anyone has the ambition to stay in the PL it has to be the manager that's brought them up from league 1..
  11. Champions League round of 16 draw: Galatasaray v FC Schalke Celtic v Juventus Arsenal v Bayern Munich Shakhtar Donetsk v Borussia Dortmund AC Milan v Barcelona Real Madrid v Manchester United Valencia v Paris Saint-Germain FC Porto v Malaga Europa League draws out later