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Found 2 results

  1. Anyone else plays this god tier game? If yes, what platform you are using? (Couldn't make the insert image thing work) Edit: messing around the link lol
  2. Dear Dennis van der chingchongeatmydog enberg, Despite your poor attempts at fake endings, really bad topics (I mean seriously, how do you spell my name wrong, its literally there in clear text) and other shenanigans a 13 year old refugee from indonesia might present to try get allies on his side, it seems your propaganda has very much become irrelevant. Just like RoT, your propaganda will only reach as far as your actions :^). As a start, below you will find the fallen warriors of your alliance who have tapped out, crumbled or now spying for me: Suubs - Received a dangerous dose of radiation from me after I showed him 1x images. Our prayers are with him as he battles through this rare disease, little has been heard of him as his leader had abandoned him prior to the fight beginning. (pulled a DCRanger) Lordsamm - Nothing unexpected here. Was probably just looking for some fun and he tapped out when he knew I meant business. Good choice mate. These guys werent part of the alliance but here you go anyway Three spies in total :/ wuu2 little boy? AND NOW THAT I HAVE RIPPED YOUR ALLIANCE UP, ITS TIME TO FEAST ON YOU: DENNIS: AGE 1, DISEASE: FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME, OBESITY, WEIGHT: 45KG AS YOU CAN SEE, DENNIS HAS BEEN FORCED TO TRAIN IN VERY SPECHUR MARTIAL ARTSU IN ORDER TO BECOME STRONG WARRIOR BUT IT HASNT BEEN WORKING FOR HIM AS HIS DAD IS A DIRTY FISH FARMER: DENNIS DAD FARMING FOR CLOTHES TO SELL FOR RSGP LMFAO leak of denise (dennis' sister) provided by my intel DENNIS AGE: 11 DENNIS LAST YEAR (2015) WITH HIS ALLIANCE AT THE GAY PARADE. .... but suddenly ..... [very sad] after contracting a rare form of GRADE A AUTISM, from excessive consumption of bodily fluids with his fellow runescape clan pkers, things got very sad for dennis irl as this him as of 2016: now you all know why dennis talks funny, its because he has this in his face. we shouldnt be laughing at the poor pubeless boy, we should be embracing him as part of equality in AF. my prayers go out to him!11!1! ID LIKE TO THANK THE THREE GUYS (WILL NOT NAME) FOR PROVIDING ME WITH LEAKS AND INTEL, ID ALSO LIKE TO DEDICATE THIS TO DENNIS MOM WHO IS WORKING VERY HARD IN THE HEART OF AMSTERDAM AS A "CHINESE MASSAGE THERAPIST" (LOL) SO DENNIS CAN BUY GP FOR ELY AND MORE ACCOUNTS TO PLAY ON. YOU ASKED FOR THIS AND LIKE I PROMISED YOU, I WOULD EXECUTE THIS SWIFTLY AND CLEAN. NO 8 TOPICS ON HOW I SUICIDED TO YOU ONCE OR SOME FAKE BULLSHIT QUOTES, JUST PURE SLAUGHTER. PEOPLE I HAVE SLAIN IN CRASH WARS: KYLE - LASTED TWO WEEKS TOM - SAME AS ABOVE fucking retarded adrian - LASTED ONE FLAME ASH - LASTED ONE BREATH DOWN THE MIC CHALL - LASTED ONE "NOOT" + VARIOUS ATTEMPTS AT SUICIDE + GOT PTSD FROM SEZHM FREDS - DEMOTED HIMSELF AFTER I JOINED FLOW - FLEW OFF TO COLOMBIA AND CAME BACK A DIFFERENT GUY SUUBS - GAVE HIM CANCER DENNIS - LASTED THREE DAYS ANGRYANARCH - DIED IRL WIM - GOT CANCER FROM READING MY CONTENT TEFFLON - SUICIDE + MANY MORE