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Found 1 result

  1. #AF on @SwiftIRC | At around 6:00 GMT we heard Infliction had a planned fight against an open clan chat, we massed up 15 people in mage and went to hit it. The fight lasted like 2 minutes so we decided to just hit Infliction who were walking around with ~25 people. We rushed them south of gap and managed to get them in a fall in and the fight started. The rest of the fight remained inside gdz. Although Infliction had 49 on teamspeak we still held our own despite being outnumbered by around ~20. Around 2 hours in Infliction's gear standards dropped along with their teamspeak numbers and this is where we took control. They're members were told to return in d hide barrage in an attempt to outlast us, our tactic was to spread inside gdz while Infliction were stupidly barraging themselves on telespot (LOL). At around 9:30 GMT they were told to return in one item polypore staffs. We spent the next 30 minutes or so repeating whatever they said on teamspeak until we got bored of being one itemed and left. Pictures below (Alot) Shoutouts; Infliction - You can continue you tell yourself that you dominated us but lets face the facts. We had a positive KDR despite being outnumbered by at least ~20 the majority of the fight You were forced into one iteming You lost over 19 people in a 4 hour fight while we gained You allowed 10 Guests to fight for you The members for destroying Infliction yet again.